What is Digital Land?

In Bitfari, overlays of digital areas on top of real spaces are called "digital land". Digital Land is used to create augmented reality ads in this reality and the metaverse. The Bitfari protocol is unique in the sense that it pays users in BTC and other cryptocurrencies for their attention to these digital areas.

The simplest example of digital land is a geofence. With a geofence, you can project an ad to people clustered around a particular area.

When you purchase digital land, you act as land lord of the area, earning a percentage of all the ads placed there. In turn, you also serve as a curator of last resort.

Blockchain technology makes digital land ownership possible, and maps a set of algorithms and land owners to each partition so that content quality remains high.

Bitfari enable both physical and virtual screens to project ads. In the case of virtual screens, users are alerted to relevant content when there is a match of their interests and the content hosted in the digital land.

The resulting emergence is a "geonet", a collection of ambient networks containing relevant information for people in each location, as determined by interests and market dynamics. In this geographically-partitioned Internet, digital land owners are the equivalent of domain name owners.

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