About Mainnet

Mainnet is Bitfari's production blockchain on the Stacks Network. Stacks connects to Bitcoin to make it programmable without data alteration, recycling its proof of work for the finalization of smart contracts. Bitfari does not run on Ethereum, it runs in tandem with Bitcoin thru Stacks. Such an architecture allows agencies and businesses to keep their reserves in Bitcoin and execute campaigns dynamically, according to billboard market conditions or consumer interest.

Bitfari's production environment also includes RPA interfaces, multiple websites and apps, mobile applications and other blockchains.

Updates generally hit Mainnet one month after a test net deployment.

Learn more below.

======= CORE RESOURCES ===========

Read the Bitfari Whitepaper: A Secure and Decentralized Network for Peer-to-Peer Advertising
Bitfari in CoinMarketCap: Check the Listing and News
Bitfari Social Connector App on Testnet: test.bitfari.com
FARI Token on Mainnet: Fari Token Master Nominal
FARI Tokenomics: bitfari.org/token/

======= SERVICES ===========

Download a Wallet: Wallets
Network Stats: bitfari.xyz
Bitfari Foundation: bitfari.org
Block Explorer: explorer.bitfari.com
Network Status: Bitfari Network Status
Discord Server: Our Discord Server
Telegram Channel: Bitfari on Telegram

======= SOCIAL MEDIA ===========

Twitter: @bitfari
Lead Dev: @jordhy
Join the mail list
Join the discussion at Bitcointalk.org
Check the Github repos