What is Realnet?

Web 3 apps use things called test net and main net to develop and deploy applications, but what is real net? Well, since we work with billboard and physical smart TVs we needed a term to describe all the physical digital screens connected to our network. This is our realnet. It differs from mainnet in that only certain aspects of these assets live in the blockain, since they are real.

Bitfari connects to realnet using RPA or robotic process automation plus certain APIs when available. All this complexity is hidden from app developers that want to use Bitfari to connect to physical billboards.

Realnet has both a testnet and a mainnet. Test-real is the virtualization of the park of digital screens for testing purposes. While main-real is the production network containing these screens.

To distribute ads or apps in realnet, just choose a network containing a set of relevant screens or create your own network with tags that will filter only the screens that are relevant to your target market.

Virtual screens do not belong to Realnet. This facilitates ads placement and eases distribution, as virtual screens are not time constrained. To learn more about realnet, watch the Testnet v1 launch presentation on YouTube.

You can also learn more below.

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Read the Bitfari Whitepaper: A Secure and Decentralized Network for Peer-to-Peer Advertising
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Bitfari Social Connector App on Testnet: test.bitfari.com
FARI Token on Mainnet: Fari Token Master Nominal
FARI Tokenomics: bitfari.org/token/

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