Welcome to Bitfari v2.0

In this release we have included AR screens, geofences and contextualization. Bitfari is a decentralized, peer-to-peer ad booking system. With Bitfari you can monetize your crypto wallets, smart screens, billboards, websites, and web 3.0 apps to earn BTC with no middlemen!!! The biggest OOH billboard network powered by crypto has been released on Bitfari. Now apps, open screen registration and metaverse integrations are schedule for our 2022 and 2023 roadmaps!

Bitfari is a DAO, working to provide a foundational protocol for Web 3: smart ads. Bitfari doesn't use cookies, it maintains user privacy and provides contextual apps and ads in digital billboards as well as personal devices. Read the whitepaper to learn more!

======= CORE RESOURCES ===========

Read the Bitfari Whitepaper: A Secure and Decentralized Network for Peer-to-Peer Advertising
Bitfari in CoinMarketCap: Check the Listing and News
Bitfari Social Connector App on Testnet: test.bitfari.com
FARI Token on Mainnet: Fari Token Master Nominal
FARI Tokenomics: bitfari.org/token/

======= SERVICES ===========

Download a Wallet: Wallets
Network Stats: bitfari.xyz
Bitfari Foundation: bitfari.org
Block Explorer: explorer.bitfari.com
Network Status: Bitfari Network Status
Discord Server: Our Discord Server
Telegram Channel: Bitfari on Telegram

======= SOCIAL MEDIA ===========

Twitter: @bitfari
Lead Dev: @jordhy
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